Friday, November 12, 2010

chapter 30

oooooooooooooooooooh. liberty ! xD

Lol joke. haha. although test's officially over, i still need to concentrate on studies.

OMG right. one year of form4, POOF. it just ENDS like that. in a BLINK OF AN EYE! and i don't really think i learn alot this year -.-



HOLIDAYS here and besides studying, still have to plan to do other stuffs ma. :P

first. PAIN MY NAILS! xD

i was thinking skyblue at first. but skinfood is out of stock that time, so i bought YELLOW instead.
haha. actually i was like multiple colors now, will use full yellow soon x)


haha. well not earn a living lah. i just crave to have my own camera. DSLR's the perfect choice! but first, i need money -.-

the prob is, currently i haven made up my mind which job i want. gah how much i wish i could drive. ugh mahuan leh if want parents to pick. geez.

Lastly, i want to learn as much as i can this two months! as for OTHERS, i mean Gain New Knowledge! x)

thats all crap lah. Lol. haha nyways, good day everyone :D

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