Monday, December 22, 2014

It was autumn.

It was autumn.

The season where nature changes it colours and dies into it's origin.

The season where the sky turns grayer than ever, 

where the people's emotion turns melancholy.

It was autumn.

The season when the wind was no longer something that people desire.

The season where people begins to long for the sun that they wished it was never burning so brightly during the summer.

The season when the temperature of the surrounding decides to be even further apart from your our own.

But, it was a season where the temperature never gets colder than the human heart when it decides to stop loving. 

It was autumn.

The abandoned pavement met the dandelion.

It was believed to be drifting in the winds for some time.

Searching for a place to settle.

Little did the pavement knows. 

It was not a good place for anybody or even anything, to settle there.

Except for shoe prints.

Or maybe, the rain.

Just, something temporary.

Little did the dandelion knows.

It settles at the place where something good wouldn't happen.


The wind blows.

And the dandelion leaves.


The dandelion was too tired to vanish directionless into the wind 

and it decides to root just, 

right there. 


It was autumn.

The season where colours of the leaves blend and harmonized, 

as they embrace their death.

The season where the colder temperature holds two people who were in love even closer than ever, 

as they long for heat.

The season that reminds us that we're all lonely people.

Needing love to live.

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