Monday, September 22, 2014

Giving thanks.

I'm quite moved by the whole 'positive movement' thing on Facebook and although I was challenged by several sisters to do the 5 days giving thanks status sharing, I can't seem to do it. That's because I had to do it in Facebook, and I felt very naked showing all those emotions of things I've been through on Facebook. But it doesn't seems weird if I share here though, maybe because I needn't have to interrupt other people's view (their timeline) or as if I purposely want people to take notice of my life.

So here goes to a very long list of what I wanted to give thanks to the Lord, as he has given me more blessings that I can't keep the counts with my only two hands.

1. I thank God I like writing and have this platform (blog) for me to share. This is because it has became a great medium for me to express and share my thoughts. I needn't keep it or tell anyone (because sometimes I feel like I bother people if I tell them my personal things and there I would worry about people impressions on me too)

2. I thank God that DiGi didn't approve my change of call plans to postpaid, because if I do, I can't call Rebecca (my childhood and current best friend for life) and also Mummy as long as I want for free. (I'm using easy buddy and there's free calls for me everyday for my buddies! Hehehe.)

3. I thank God that He's been listening to my prayers ever since I don't know when. I seek to have closer relationship with Him and want to have the eagerness for His words and starting from the conference I joined not long ago until now, I've been having at least a little moment a day where I will spend my time with Him.

4. I thank God that He gave me a willing heart to serve and also a group of brother sisters to serve with together here in UKM. He knows that I need a very positive and encouraging environment to keep living on and yes, He is very faithful in giving me the privilege to serve under that very encouraging ambiance.

5. I thank God that I never have to worry about not having food to eat or not having enough money to spend whatsoever. He's been very gracious and a provider always because when I thought I will have not enough money to pay my fees for this whole semester, He miraculously snapped me out of my worries as He has provide more than I need now.

6. I thank God I was put into a college with a bunch of friends that really really understands me. Like seriously. They knew I don't like clingy people and always forgive me for ffk-ing them sometimes. They always knew that I am active instead of staying with only college friends kind of type so they allow me to be myself and not forcing me to stay with them. Last night, my roommate, the KP of our next big event even gave me a chance to choose my own partners because she knows I don't wanna be with the same people. T^T gandongdesuneh.

7. I thank God that the mission trip that I last joined and people I have served together with were still encouraging me in the way that I think about it almost every single day. Those people I met and the bonds we shared, the experience I have with them; the sharing from Reverend Lim from the conference until the last sharing among us members has left me with a great and very positive impact which goes on to moved my heart until this very second.

8. I thank God that it isn't too late for me to find out that I have always been staying in the right college because I have very very cute and very very friendly seniors + juniors. This year I got the chance to mingle a little bit more with them and I'm glad they're all not as scary as I thought. Eheh. Even Malay and Indian friends! I'm so glad I can befriend with them in a way where they've been really really nice and heart-warming.

9. I thank God I have people around UKM that continue to inspires me and making me have the urge to study harder (Esp my direct muahaha) and having a very similar attitude junior motivates me even more. OHH. And last Friday I met pastor Andrew and he shared to me about contemporary societies and how Jews, British, Chinese, Americans have developed or stayed developed as a very powerful society. Feeling a little mroe pumped up to work hard for my course this semester. Ganbatte!

10. I thank God that I have a chance to serve with The Bridge again in a primary school motivation camp in Klang. It's a very fruitful experience. At first I hasn't really mentally or physically prepared myself for the whole camp and I'm very worry that I didn't treat the children I'm to be in-charged of wholeheartedly. But it turns out to be a very wonderful lesson to learn. My group this time was surprisingly easy to manage compare to my last experience half year ago. (Maybe of the smaller number of people) But God has too show His mercy in making my group unusually small with 9 kids instead of 12 kids where other normal groups has. And there's this boy, call Vishva, his actions of repentance after two days giving me a lot of troubles have brought me to tears. It's impossible for me to remember that moment when he says sorry and the moment he shed tears where I accidentally saw.

11. I thank God that one of my best friend here in college has shared with me how her boyfriend got her to read the Bible and started praying to God. I always remembered that she once was the type of girl that has a lot to worry and a lot of things running in her mind but doesn't have any people to share with, the moment where she light up the incense at the temple but still she has no way to solve her problem; now she is different where I saw her giving thanks every night, and also told me that she has never experience this strength, this happiness and positivity ever in her life, until now.

12. I thank God that I have a lot of opportunities to serve Him. I remembered Sunday when I was the pianist of the Mass, I made several mistakes but Reverend Tang loud voices of singing and his smiles gave me courage to be calm and not panic. Haha. It's a weird mistake that I normally won't make because this time is purely because of carelessness and the lack of sleep (lesson learnt I will not sleep at 3am anymore lol especially on Saturday night).

13. I thank God that after campus life and the sharing from pastor Andrew I have learnt that my fear for clingy-ness have made me make a mistakes which is having a lot of touch-and-go friends. Because the fear of strings-attached but wanting to have more friends, I'm sort of the type where I have a lot of friends but 98 percent are all touch-and-go ones. But now I learnt that God has put several people especially my brother and sisters especially Thiam Hee, Chee Kang, Enie, Kelly Mah in my life where I should be closer to them if we really want to work this fellowship into a better direction. I'm glad I had quite some long talks with almost all of them and I really don't want them to think that I don't appreciate having them in my life, because the truth is, I do.

The list will goes on and on non-stop haha but I am in the mood to continue reading some academic materials back in ptsl. Fyi this post is a sudden urge to write after being in the library for 4 hours so I came to the cyber at UKM to update this post but mana tahu it takes me 1 hour. Nonetheless I feel very relief and happy to have my thoughts shared. :)

Until next time, God bless!

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