Monday, July 21, 2014




每次回来看见妈妈我都会无时无刻随随便便的叫很多次 “妈咪”, 然后曾有机会的时候抱抱她。比较难见到爸爸, 常常回家前我都会先下命令要他煮吃的给我。哈哈哈。没办法啊,为了让爸爸在家,只能做出这个要求,不然他又从早做到晚上呀。


There's a few things I wanna do this time back home.
- Finish those unread novels I brought back!
- Self study the whole level 2 Japanese text book!
- Stay closer to God.
- Join 30 hours famine without fainting. Lol.
- Spend more time with my family of course! Go see popo kongkong. Balik kampung also!
- Jaga my face properly T^T and also make sure instead of loosing weight I won't gain any weight!
- Go out with friends! Movie kaki, best friends, go for fellowship! ^_^
- Have a little outcome in playing piano and guitar. I bought a mic hahaha dreaming wanna sing and record lol think I'm an artist meh. But this time round I seriously wanna compose something new.
- Focus on God and join mission conference and mission trip with a proper heart of serving the Lord.

A lot kan? Hehehehe hopefully this 6 weeks is enough for me to do all that. 

其实,回到家的自己常常都不太爱上网。OK so, I'll get back in having a life now. Hahahahha I'll blog soon I hope!

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