Thursday, May 31, 2012

KML2 - Labuan Trip

On the 30th and 31st of May, where all Sabahan and Labuan's citizen celebrate Hari Keamatan, we KML students, and also new family members of Labuan Methodist Church joined a trip organized by the Church. We went around Labuan in one day, well sort of.  

We gathered at the front door 7 sharp, had our card scanned, names ticked, and took off.

On the van ;)

Our starting point, where we had our ice-breaking games. Despite the hot weather, everybody was distracted by the match. We were all divided into groups and fought against each other to be the champion of the day. Here's where we start to get to know each other, and stay united as a group to win. Unfortunately, my group got fourth place, but then fortunately we didn't have to get in the last stage -- playing frisbee under the hot sun. Poor Penny and some of the girls I know got sunburn. -.-

At either Pohon batu or Pancur Hitam. Or neither. Lol I didn't ask for the name, so yea I don't know.

Young soul (Y)

Cute Lydia. Haha

Gym equipped type of playground. Rare :) 


The scenery here's truly breathtaking.

Both sexy ladies posing for the camera. Haha

Next stop - Chimney Museum

Third stop - War Memorial

Every soldiers that fought for peace and sacrificed for freedom had their belongings buried here.

Grandsons and granddaughters of late Frank Amstrong came to visit, left him flowers too.

Fourth stop - Marine Museum

From inside of the building.

Although the picture taken is blur, you still can see clearly that the sea has obvious layers of different colours of blue. 

Chicken rice for lunch! :3

Second box of rice... Haha cool spoon eh?

1 2 3, orang kayu. Chinese translated 木头人! :3

I lost because I burst out laughing. Lol hard to keep calm bah when everyone look so serious

Last stop of the day - Botanical Garden

One of the task in the game - Me modelling exactly like how they describe! :P

One of the task in the game - Taking picture under the same bridge they describe. A very long walk -.-

But then one of the task is carrying a group member and walk on the stone floor (健康步道), Cassandra carried me. Ohmyy I'm so heavy surely her feet hurts. But she's just so nice. :/ The hardest thing to do I bet. Even not carrying somebody on your back it's already quite painful for the sole of your feel to walk on the stoned roads.

One of the task in the game, the hardest one to look for - to find the word 乳牛at a very large park and we asked four to five persons for hints, finally saw it at the entrance. Lol but luckily we were the first to finish everything, so we got to go back to church and rest first. Aircond and bed, syok bah. XD

Dinner - Fast food. Ahaha butter chicken! Yummmm

Kitchai Peng again! :3

On the next day, I had a RM4.50 Kolo Mee. Okay bah the price I guess. But I miss eating food that daddy and mummy cook back home. :P

After that at 9am, we gathered in the church hall and begin the election process for committee members for KML fellowship. I...... got the post of 团契组副组长, thanks to Joyce, Freda, Penny and Jing Ting's support. So as my new friends I met in the church. No matter getting a post or not, no matter what I got, I believe it's in God's will. I hope I'll finish this for God, and in the will He desires. Humble ah humble, seriously need to learn to be humble, and also learn to socialize with sincerity too @@

At 2.30pm, the UMS seniors from church drove us to UK,  and dropped us off at Financial Park again. Heee that will be how it is I guess, even after Sunday Service we will be dropped at the same area, get our lunch, buy the things we need, walk to the bus station, and go back to KML on our own gua.

Before going back, Joyce, Penny, Freda and me went to Pizza Hut and ate our lunch. Enjoy sia

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

And pizza upgraded to cheezy lava! :3 Ohhhmy super cheesy loh.

It was two fruitful days, finding the second family after leaving home, to find somewhere that I feel that I belong, to look for somewhere that I can find comfort from. I've met lots of awesome people, and enjoy every moment I had here with them.

It's still the beginning, still and always have to keep praying hard and rely on God.

Take care and MGBU! xoxo :)

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