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On the 19th of May, I stepped into KIA to depart from Kuching, to Miri. This time, I didn't feel excited about riding on the airplane, neither did I feel sad for leaving. On my way to the airport, I receive a chain of text messages from friends that wishes me goodbye, mostly from youth fellowship and that made me really happy and touched. They're so adorable and I'm very lucky to have them as my brother and sisters that will back me up every time when I needed help. (Hope so lah, but so far so good. Hahaha)

737 from Kuching to Miri. Above the sky, I was looking for the kingdom of clouds, which I saw eight years ago. But all I saw was only clouds shaped of mountains on a desert.

My very very cute mum! 

And busy body but macho daddy. Hahaha

Arrive at Miri in the evening, ate chashao and shaola for dinner. Yummm *Suddenly feels hungryy

Finally! Arrived at Labuan when the skies turned dark. We stayed at Red Tomato Hotel, cozy enough for us to sleep, bath, rest, and most importantly, store every thing that I bought and brought, which is a lot.

On the second day, daddy and mummy walk me around labuan, looking for things that I need to buy and bring. So, after eating and asking for directions, we followed the way that one Labuan citizen points while saying "saaaaaaaaaaaaaana-tu". After the not-so-long-but-still-long walk, we reached financial park, quite early as most shops were still close.

LAO BA ate ABC when we're at Financial Park gia gia sambil waiting for the stores to open. Hmm, I think he's giving me advises while eating. *Very obvious actions shown above

My very young mum @ sister. Haha miiiiiiii you look young lah!

One in the afternoon we went to KML to do registration. Mummy and daddy are asked to wait outside while I finish the registration inside Dewan Mutiara on my own. It was kind of scary at first, not having my parents accompanying me, I try to remain calm and not to freak out if anything happens, which I'm glad it all turns out okay. I got my student card on the spot, and get my keys at the ground floor of my dorm. Lucky for my the walk wasn't that faraway! My heels are hurting and I regret for buying court shoes with heels. (Mama's very nice for buying me the cheap yet comfortable shoes :3)

On the 21st, after buying everything that I need and checking out the hotel, daddy carried everything into the taxi and at about 1 in the afternoon, we arrived at KML, with the taxi parked beside dorm Madani C. This time, it's time to unload and unpack everything into the little place that I will call home for the rest of 11 months I will spend here.

My room mate's two Malay from Sabah, and One Bidayuh from Kuching! :) They're nice. Very nice, actually. Siti helped to keep my dry clothes when someone from upstairs hang their wet clothes and the water drip down. Lala will wake my up when I over slept -.- and Pris will sometimes walk me down to cafe and look after my stuff when I'm out. So overall, they're very very sweet and nice. :) But dang I think they thought that I love to eat and sleep. Hahaha first bad impression lol

Besides that, Penny, Freda and Joyce from my old school came too! We kinda spend most of our time together when there's activities held.

The first week, which is orientation week (MPPB2012) was so tiring and hectic. Facilitators that were seniors came to get us all disciplined and straightened us up. The moto was " All for one and one for all". And so, when one person did something wrong, every body will be punish. And yes we're all punish for quite a lot of times and I got sick on the first day. But then thank God mum prepared medicine for me so I became well in just few days time.

2700+ students sitting in the hall for four to eight hours a day with the hot weather causing us to sweat every single minute of time. But then again, we're so lucky that this batch, we get strict yet kind facilitators, and mostly, we have water supply to bath and wash all our clothes. During this week, "Compress" has became the word that we don't really wish to hear. We need to sit as close as possible so Dewan Mutiara can fit us all, and we could hear speeches and guidelines from lectures of different departments.

One of the night while we're having taklimat, Mr.E call for students who wanted to audition to be in the KML band. I raised my hand, and escaped one night of compressing against one another. There's three stages to go through that is, "Playing my own piece", "Playing a song while Kak Itchel Sing", and "Accompany a song you never heard that Mr.E chose". Btw, I succeed in the audition and am officially one of the Keyboardist of KML Band! I'm so so blessed because there's so many students more talented than me, but then I believe without God's gift and blessings, I will not be chosen.

Throughout this week, we did so much activities. Every morning at four (Must be awake at 3 to bath and eat, so that the washroom will not be packed -.-) it begin with LDK moral that started with a prayer for all Non-Muslim students while Muslim students will gather in the Mosque for their Solat Subuh. After that, we have a little dance battle, girl against boys. We learnt the "Banana Dance", "Kim Kam Bai", "Wahai Duyung-duyung", "Break Down", "KML Yell", "KFC dance" and "Atas rumput ada Kaki". When the Muslim students finish their solat subuh, we gathered at Astaka for our morning exercise. 30 minutes to either eat and change to formal attires, and meet up at Dewan Mutiara, to compress, and have our taklimat. Lunch, if there's time we can bath, if no, we must chose to either eat, or starve during the next taklimat. Then came LDK that we all look forward to the most, where we are divided into 20+ students per group and have a mentor-mentee sessions with the lecturers. Evening exercise, dinner, and night taklimat. @@ The earliest time we slept that week is 11.30pm. 

To go through that week, I feel so lucky and proud. Lol really bah I never expect myself to be healthy after a heavy week like that. I thought I will at least have heat-stroke or what but because I try to eat and rest while I can, I'm glad I'm still here alive! No wonder my roommate all thought I eat and sleep a lot. Heh I mencuri masa yang ada untuk recharge myself bah

The last night of MPPB, we're having a forum about Rohani at Dataran Kawad until late night. Here's the time the facilitators played sad music, telling us to close our eyes while they try to make us cry. Which, they succeed. Four days after mum and dad left to Kuching, I finally.........cried. But the girl behind me more kesian. She cried and sob so hard :/

On Friday, we had our last day of MPPB, the closing ceremony which I really compressed quite happily. Because duh, it's the last day and heh I chose a place at the side to sit so I can easily change my sitting position while I could breathe all the extra air I want. Oh yah, it's beside the door too, so the wind sometimes blew inside and lucky me doesn't need to use JI-AH to fan myself already :P

Freda, Penny, Joyce and I had our first outing on Friday :) RM2 bus fare to town and several hundreds spent at town -.- 

First meal out - RM5 Kolo Mee

We walked pass Pasar Tani where Freda, Penny and Joyce wanted to buy RM20's durian but I stopped them. Lol luckily they didn't bought :P

RM6.50 Lemon Chicken Rice at a Air-Conditioned cafe for luch! Syok bah after a long hot walk and shopping from Financial park to Milimewah

Here's what we all bought. Haha

6 in the evening at Astaka. The view here is very beautiful actually. Especially during sunset. 

Freda, Penny, Joyce and I tried to run every evening at 6 for one hour. Make use for what we have, and erm....... Try to maintain a healthier lifestyle loh. But hope this will continue on non-stop

福音车 brought us from Church to 爱人 for lucnch. I had kitchai peng (what they call Air Limau here in Labuan), with Burger and Fries on Sunday after Sunday Service at Labuan Methodist Church. Soooooo looking forward to the two day one night trip organized by church around Labuan this coming Thursday and Friday! :) Ohhh finally something meaningful to do before all class starts on 6th of June, next Monday.

(28/05/2012) Students lining up at Astaka for aerobic dancing / Opening ceremony of Teacher's sports day.

Teachers against Students match for football. Very very berkeliru. So many footballs at one field and everyone just start kicking -.-

Today they're selling books at the library's lobby, so I skipped the Teacher's sport day and went lining up to buy books. All this for nearly RM200, still lacking of Principle Account's reference. Maybe I need to either photocopy or use lecture notes lo. But then there's book in the library to use also right? I can't wait for class to start! And to finish this 11 months fast! Still I pray that I can cope with everything because this is all very very new to me... Time managing, moving close to God, Time managing, having faith in God, Time managing, gaining strength from God, Time managing, and more believing in God. :)

My table! Lol the messiest and most stuff compare to my roommates'. Alaaa barulah got the "homy" feel leh. 

My little corner to sleep, change, and store everything I have. Heh I fold my blankets everyday! *Proud si.

I miss everyone back home, especially daddy, mummy, menda and aboy :( I actually dream about home for the last few nights of sleep. But still, even if I wish to go home, I didn't want to. I want to stay here and focus on what I have to do first. But............. Sigh. 

Till the next post then, Goodbye :) Take care and MGBU.

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