Sunday, April 3, 2011

Something that bothers but hard to express.

As time goes by, we changed, we grew up, and we start realizing the truth of life.

We began to seek for love, even if it exist but we couldn't manage to experience it. As sometimes we took it for granted or get used to it, or maybe the love we got ain't enough. Human always have the nature of greeds and they were forever unsatisfiable. But still, there's no wrong we're all hunger for love, as it's the main reason that kept us determine to live.

Sometimes we teens doesn't mean to rebel, but reality encourage to do so. We start having our own conscience,we began to have feelings for everything, and as time goes by, we're even observant out of the caused of curiosity. 

We're seeking for attention. We wanted to be cared and loved. But little we don't know why whenever we faced problem, we wouldn't want to confront to our parents neither share our stories with them. Some of them were always too busy with their work and they often pay less attention on their children. And thus, their children began to search for love when they start to have a mind of their own, and focusing on people who really care and pay attention on them, sometimes even rather to start neglecting what's important - studies. They never care if it's temporary, at least it will always be better than nothing at all. 

But deep inside, we know what we wanted the most is still from our dearest parents, whom love us from the beginning before we were even born yet. Its like suicidal - sometimes you just thought of dying, but in reality you wanted to be saved. Teen oh teens, I, we were still in realizing the truth, we can't conclude anything but we can only do one thing, that is by understanding and putting ourself in our parent's shoe. Maybe they wanted to work hard to show us a good example? I don't know. But we can't deny that they'll love us no matter what, they just don't show. We all made mistake.

song - 活出主的爱



Dad and mum, I'm sorry for making you upset. Thanks for the all sacrifices and I love you guys!

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