Sunday, July 11, 2010

no idea whats the title. LOL

this is making me nuts. :/

the lost and not found case is getting my nerves on and my heart thorned.
the coward instinct fml. usually i wont act before thinking due to this issue, but since that incident i start to take precaution steps. and it sucks a lot.

okay i admit that person is a guy. and because so, i don't dare to comfort that person. he is not my friend officially, never talk to him in person but just once after one moment that thing occurred to him, and after i saw he cried.

i never said i have feelings to him but this incidents seems to make me think about something. it is necessary for me to take precaution steps? should i not comfort him just scared to be misunderstood? mum said i should not simply treat boys good or else they will thought i am interested in them. she told me that because i have gone through a little trouble few times ago, when i treated someone real good but at last he threatened me and make me fear to go to school, skipped my test and duties, cried and worried for some times. it scared me a lot. it sort of a man phobia that i've mentioned quite long ago.

it hurts so much to see someone been hurt. the flash back the moment he cried just breaks my heart. and it sucks a lot when i know i cant even comfort him. i tried to do it the none really concerned way, but it just dont works.

humans are complicated aren't they? if everyone is just as pure as water, they wouldn't suspect or misunderstood.

just like now. i'm trying to convince myself not to misunderstand that someone's real meaning about what that someone told me. bleh.

btw. i hate peolple who doesn't dare to admit the mistakes they've made! grr.

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