Saturday, July 10, 2010

chapter 17

its been a fine eventful week :D

on the 29th, its kuching high's koperasi day. help out at pengguna's stall, learn lots of promoting skills! get the chance to promote pai tee to our principle too. nervous but worth it. mr. lim supported us and bought away one box of pai tee! xD

the NIE magazine competition and school magazine board task goes kinda smooth too. although theres so many late sleeping night but overall everything went well. just that i forgot to call MMS and Swinburne for their magazine ads artwork

following sunday we had our magazine board photo shooting at panggung udara. realize the gangs were fun and cute-to-talk-with.

sis and her friend andrea were having race among themselves if u notice there's two human shadows in the picture. :D

jublee at dawn.

raptai hari sukan. before sports day people who are involve got to go to jublee for rehearsal to ensure that everything goes smooth on the current sports day.

sports day been well for me. but for other people? i don't really know. there's people who lost their stuff and reported to police, heard the police's coming on monday. there's people who got injured and fainted, sent to hospital to be taken care. there's people who got suntanned and diseases from too much appearance under the sun.

duty's kinda hectic. being a part of penyelia peserta wasn't what i had in mind for freedom. two days i'm stuck doing duties and cant go around with close friends. but two things good about duties is i get to know new friends, get along with many people especially teachers and not wasting my time waiting for nothing and time to fly just like that. wait wait. one more thing. i saw ryan ong and zenas then my exclassmate too! :DDDDDDDD

results for houses, year 2010: ( same as last year)
azam's 1st, tabah's second, yakin's 3rd, gigih's 4th, cemerlang's 5th, berani's 6th.

fyi, i'm in tabah! happy with the result and glad that i participated this year too! the shirt was pwwweeti than last 3 years and i got second in the event i've taken! hahaha.

thats all, lurves :)

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