Thursday, September 17, 2015

If there's someone from whom I've learn about the love I have within me, it's you. Everyday since the day I met you, I only felt that my heart gets bigger by the second, instead of the exhaustion I've rant to you from time to time where I'm wear out and tired to love.

It's you who mould me to who I am right now, thinking there's a limit for my love to you, but apparently there isn't any. Before knowing you, I thought my love and patience was enough to last me to love a lot of people, but you have tested my patience and given me the opportunity to learn about forgiveness, also to understand wholeheartedly by trying to find ways to hang on by trying look from another perspective.

I don't blame you for how you're a little self-centered than I am and how much I've always ask more of attention from you. I myself is being selfish sometimes because I might have been too hard on you. Neither of us is perfect and we all have our flaws in ourselves. It'll be harsh and so unfair for me to label you as loveless when you didn't grew up surrounded by the love that I've learnt and live in.

So far. I've seen so many changes in you that I believe what I've preserved from the beginning seems to paid of. But that's not what I wanted the most from you. Rather from learning to love me alone, I'd want you to understand the source of love I gain and learn from and also learn what that love is meant for.

There's a saying that goes, "I'd rather love my hardest then to let go and regret." I didn't want to let you go knowing that I didn't love you enough. I didn't want to let you go knowing that you weren't introduced or shown to what the ultimate love is or came from. I'm going go give you my all despite the constant downfall, but I assure you as long as I know the meaning of love, I'll continue to love you with all my might.

My friend shared that: "Treating people with everything you have may not bring you any advantages or benefits at all, despite that, I'll still take action and be proactive in giving care and love. I love you, because He loves me first. I love you, no matter how you've act or how as a person you are, this is because He loves me, no matter how I've acted or how as a person I am."

Cheers to 312 days of loving you. ♥

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