Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm literally bugged by my own complicated thoughts. Normally I could define my own feelings after just a little while, but this constant change of different thoughts eventually just make me want to throw it all out and shut my mind away from everything.

Ranking top in my worry list is choosing the courses for future studies in university. It's no joke but I really don't like this wide range of choices. I don't like to know that I have a lot of options to choose from. Even though in the end it's not about the best decision I'd make, but the best I'd make out of my decisions, I still can't decide on what to decide. There. Now I'm confused by my own words.

Second. Is this farewell thingy. Less than a month there'll be no more college life for me. Unless I repeat. Lol freak I seriously wouldn't want that day to come. At this point now where my mood is too bugged by certain people and issues, I can't wait to fast forward to the future part where all these were only just memories I sometimes would miss. Like seriously.

Third. My studying progress. Eyebags. Pimples. Wrinkles. Rashes (Hot weather recently) ARE SO UNAVOIDABLE. Even though I'll sleep whenever I can cause that's kinda like a no-win situation even when I forced myself to study. Unlike the first semester, now I refer to notes while I study and having to finish my assignment. I can't be independent on reference books and notes and that actually meant that I'm in very big trouble. Ohdearrrrr.

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