Saturday, June 4, 2011

chapter 47

Quote teamjacob2020 , this guy here absolutely positively need to be famous! hee.

Bytheway, I just came back from my grandparents this early morning before farm visiting with church fellowship and so far this is the best Gawai I had. Not saying that the ones I had before sucks, but the fact is I get to know more about my history this year. Hope its not too late :P

Besides having the chance to imitate Tarzan and swing from a rope in the tree and jump into the river *consequences for going beyond the limitation of biceps and triceps >>> now i can barely lift my arm -.-, I'm happy for my uncle that just got engaged on the second of June. His bride, which is my cousin looks stunning and trust me she looks like Princess Catherine that day! :D Lol no pictures to devour sorry haha.

I am proud from the roots to the shoots in my family tree, and happy that I am no longer me that think that it's boring staying at rural places. *tsk i still hate the mosquito. Seek and always remember where you came from, cherish it for everything will remain as priceless treasure.

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